Friday, May 11, 2018

Non - Chronological Reports

LO:  Learning about Non-Chronological reports. - Learning about how to write a Non-Chronological reports and how to write them well.
Over the past two weeks we have had 2 long write sessions where we have been writing Non - Chronological reports, and over the two weeks we have been editing different parts of our reports. The reports that we have made so far aren't real but they aren't 'narratives'.
I learnt that Non-Chronological reports need to be in the present tense and you need to write in 3rd person.
I found it difficult to write an ending without making it an advert or something that you would use if you were writing in 1st person.
I have improved by writing in some more formal language especially when I edited the conclusion of this story.                                    Here is My Non-Chronological Report:

The Turbo Blaster

The Turbo Blaster is a new type of shoe that can hover up to a metre off the ground and makes
you move around Faster. The Turbo Blaster was Designed in 2018’s March
 and made in New Zealand by the Famous Designer: Grace Baker, she also asked for a trial run
before she released the shoe. 35 students from Yaldhurst Model School who are over 8 years
of age got asked to trial this shoe for one month because the shoe was mainly designed for
ages 8 and up.


The shoe from up close and from a distance looks like a basketball shoe except for the fact
that it has lights that turn on and off in the shape of arrows, these lights can be any colour.
The colour of the shoe can also be custom made but it is mainly preferred in black.
Another special feature is that the shoe can hover because it has a special type of magnetism
in it called prancer and hover on command. It can also make you move very fast and zoom
all around the world because it has a very unique substance called turbo blast and so the shoe
was named after the substance. These Features are important because otherwise it would be a
plain old shoe. *On the bottom of the shoe in special writing is the designers name: Grace Baker.*


The outside of the shoes material is a plain leather that is real but there is a version that is fake
and which Grace Baker thinks will be preferred. The sole of the shoe is made out of a material that
is really fluffy and warm. The material on the bottom of the shoe is a hard rubber that doesn’t break
The Price of Turbo Blaster will vary with popularity and how big the shoe is, for Children sizes the price will be $90 - 100 dollars and for adults the price will be $80 - 190 dollars.

Comparing the shoe to other brands this shoe is up there in the rankings, it has more stability and will last longer and that's why the price is so high. But most brands would say maybe $300 for this shoe.

The only difference between a child and an adult shoe is how much Turbo Blast and magnetism is in it. Adults shoe cost a lot more because of how much of Turbo Blast and Magnetism is in it.


The Statistics from the shoe trial demonstrates that 97.99 % of  the children liked the shoe because of it’s advanced technology, it floated on command, good stability and zoomed around on command. The children also found these shoes more enjoyable because in the event of the shoe dropping into water, no technology would be harmed because it is waterproofing. Because of these properties of the shoe the children preferred this type of shoe over any others.

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