Friday, November 9, 2018

Sailing 2018

This fine, sunny, Friday was full of a lot of nerves and excitement, it was almost like I was ready to fail.
Dashing into school with a smile on my face. I opened the classroom door ready to go to Lake Rua
where we would be sailing. But first I have to give my old shoes to a friend because they didn't have
any shoes they could sail in. We all had to get together on the mat to go over things but I couldn’t keep
my excitedness inside; it was almost like an explosion of fireworks were trying to boom out of my body.
Soon we headed for the bus.

As soon as we had left we arrived somewhere new. Peering out of the glass window, I spied the lake.
Suddenly I felt a bump; that was because we went up a mound of dirt. The whole class ran out of the
bus like a stampede of elephants kicking up dust. We got our bags in a place on top of tarpaulins.
Almost immediately, the instructors shuffled towards our group. Usually all of your instructors are
nice but no. Although we had multiple instructors one of them, condemned my group.
All of the instructors talked u through that day quite gleefully. It was sort of cold so is started getting
a bit cold as the wind caught my shoulders like an icicle forming against me. As Well as learning how
to do things around here we learned the type of yachts we were using were called - The Optimus -

In the beginning we learned how to set up our boat, I thought it it was quite easy; but it seems that
some groups unfortunately didn't find it easy and the boats were treating the children like victims
whilst the boat was the bully. I think that our group did it amazingly.
Eventually we got to go out onto the grimy sparkling lake.

It was a race - Get your life Jackets and sprint to the water. This year there was an unspoken race.
This happens when everybody just runs; and this is exactly what happened. At this point in time is was
extremely nervous. In my group of three I wanted to go first and then I went second which is was
jumping up and down because I was being a demented looney person because I had a terror
that was so great it leapt out of me like a hungry lion; I wasn’t exactly scared but I wasn’t exactly
not scared. I was more nervous and more often than not that is the way it is.

As soon as Gracie got out of the water I was like electricity; slithering everywhere in a crackle.
I hopped into the boast and I was on my way (my very hard way). Lots of things went wrong.
  1. I forgot that when you are steering with the rudder (The steerer) when you tilt it one way
  2. it tilts the other way
  3. I went too far out
  4. I needed help from an instructor.

I understand that this isn't nearly too bad but I didn’t enjoy it. Closely following this we all went and
had lunch, and went back straight into sailing.  It was compulsory to go a second round and so I
did but this time it was even worse. My boat almost tipped.

That was the end for me!!!!.

Someone in my class got stuck under and boat and when the instructor came along with their fancy
motor boat the motor cut his ankle. He went home after that. I think that everybody felt bad for him.
My friend Bree went on the water and got stuck once in trees and was also stuck in the middle of
Lake Rua. I felt bad for Bree and apparently Bree was screaming for help. She had a panic attack
as well which isn't the greatest,  but she cheered up after a while.

Shortly after this we all carried on for a bit longer and I got changed and hung around the dry area.
A little bit later everyone got back and we packed up and went back to school. Here are some photos:

The boy Underwater

Since the start of the term our class has been reading 'Boy Underwater' by 'Adam Baron.

We have not finished the book but it is going great so far. Here is the BLURB!:

Cymbeline Igloo (yes, really)
Has NEVER been swimming.

Not ever. Not once.

But how hard can it be? He's Googled front crawl and
He's found his dad's old pair of trunks. He's totally ready.

What he's not ready for is the accident at the pool - 
or how it leads his mum to a sudden breakdown.

Now, with the help of his friends old and new.
Cymbeline must solve the mystery of why
his mum never took him near water - 
and it would turn his whole life upside down...


I would rate this book so far an 8.5/10 because It is really cool with lots of detail as well.
Here is the book rating: 4.6/5

The age rating for this book is: 10 +


Today is sad for a few of us in class because our student teacher (Miss. Anderson):
& Mrs. Stratton:
Are leaving because
1) Mrs. Spragg is back so we don't need Mrs. Stratton and Miss. Anderson's learning time here is over.

I hope you enjoyed the blog!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Athletics Day Recount!

Kia Ora. This week's blog is a recount about Athletics day at my school. In class, we have been focusing on the writing genre 'Recount' so far. I have been learning about how to add detail into recounts to make them exciting as well as making sure that even though I use descriptive language my recount does not become a narrative in structure.  I found learning how to do that difficult because I have always written recounts without description and that is what the teacher's would like us to improve. I think that I have improved on my description in each paragraph. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Activities 2018

This is just a Biteable about what is happening this year for athletics, unfortunately, I cannot attend but if you check out Bree's Blog I'm sure she will have something on there if she doesn't just check Rimu's Blog! Hope you enjoy ;)

Athletics Day 2018 on Biteable.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

~ Beginning of Term 4 - Novel Study - Anne Frank ~

This week, I started reading a different book to which I wouldn't normally. This book is one I had never heard of before, but enjoy it to pieces! It is called "The Diary of A Young Girl" | Author - 'Anne Frank'.
This is just a bit more info about it. *Our Teachers chose this book for my whole group*

| This story is a real image of being trapped in your own country, the author was a real girl and the diary was just a snippet of what her life was like to outsiders - if you read this take great care|

| * age recommendation  - 11+ * |

"The Diary Of a Young Girl" ~ Anne Frank ~ on Biteable.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Toucan - Reading

This week I have been finishing My Follow up work from reading about the 'Toucan' here is just a drawing with a fact. I hope you enjoy:)


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Inquiry - Burning Fossils

This is a quick update about Bree & I's inquiry. This Biteable is about effect and causes of burning fossils. I thought that it was some interesting information.
Hope you enjoy;)

Burning Fossils on Biteable.