Friday, July 6, 2018

My Term 2 Reflection!

Below is my Reflection for Term 2 that our teachers made us do:

This Term has been an okay term. I have enjoyed all of the reading activities especially about the POSTED. I have been improving on things I think like Reading and Maths but I don’t know about Writing and that has been good. I have collected 100 hero cards and I am proud of every week always getting my Reward time. The groups I have been in are good and I have been enjoying what we have been doing which is good. I am also Proud of trying my hardest.

 I think that I have shown my HERO qualities when I have been doing things as a house leader and helping tidy up the Library and making sure that (mainly) little kids don’t get too lonely. I don’t know if things haven’t gone well for me.

 I will say that some things in maths and poems in writing have been little bit difficult but that’s good that it’s challenging. Maths has challenged me a little bit but just in the geometry things we have been doing, trying to figure out the radius or diameter of something. It’s a bit confusing because I didn’t understand that. BEDMAS was challenging the first question I did with it but from then on it was so easy. Trying to keep up with the posted questions hasn’t been too difficult but getting the right answer and making sure it is correct can be hard with some questions that aren’t straight to the point. I think that next term my focus will be different.

I won’t be trying to focus on different activities. It will be to make sure that when I’m confused I ask more questions because at the moment I feel like when I ask the teacher about something that I am confused about, I feel like I become an annoyance to them and so sometimes this term I have just kept to myself trying to figure it out. So next term my focus will be: Asking more questions.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


For the past few weeks in Reading I have been learning about Tsunamis and doing activities to show I understand what Tsunamis are. Did you know that when a Tsunami is about to happen a natural warning is that the water will go into sea and will be like a vacuum and the water goes foamy, from then on you have around 3 - 5 minutes to get to a higher or safer place.

I hope you learned something new. Please comment if you learned anything.


The past two weeks in my maths group we have been learning some Measurement/Geometry.
Say if we were doing Some Reflection, Rotation or Translation. say if I showed you this:
and I asked you if it was Rotation, Reflection or Translation. It would be reflection because when something reflects it is show you the image that same way but it is like it has been split down the middle to have two things in opposite directions mirroring each other. Translations is turning something to the opposite direction to what it was in first. If sit was facing right it would be facing left. Rotation is when something gets turned Clockwise or anti - clockwise.

Thank you for reading my Maths blog post and I hope you learned something.

Finished Newspaper Reports!

over the past two weeks in Rimu we have been learning about and creating Reports, specificaly Newspaper Reports. The way we learnt to Write Reports was by writing in third person about an event that has already happened and not including any 'I' or 'Me'. Here is my finished product of the Newspaper Reports.

I hope you liked this post. Please comment if you learnt anything.

Poetry Anthology

Over the past term, in Rimu we have been doing different activities everyday. One of those activities is Poetry Anthology. every week we had to do different types of poems and to a high standard. These are all the types we had to do and I will teach you how to write one of them.
Haiku - you write this by in the first line having 5 syllables second 7 syllables and third 5 syllables again. And now for the rest of the poems we created - Acrostic, Cinquain, Shape/Concrete and Alliteration. I hope you enjoy my Poems

Friday, June 29, 2018

Newspaper Reports!

Over the last two weeks in class, we have been learning how to write Newspaper Reports. We started off by learning how to understand what goes into a Newspaper Report and we looked at two different reports and we identified which one was better with a checklist. We did different activities to learn more about Newspapers and then eventually we got to write one. I wrote mine about Little Red Riding Hood, but not like the fairytale. I would really like to get some feedback on the piece of writing I have written below and if it looks like a newspaper and how I could improve the newspaper:

Just so you know, they don't line up because they are 3 different screenshots.
Again I would like some feedback on the writing that I have done and if it looks like a newspaper and how I could improve the newspaper. Here is the link to the website.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Super Maths Work

This week in maths we have been doing measurements, and my group have been working on slides and they gradually got harder. Today I am making a chart to help people learn how to do measurements.
Here it is:

I hope you enjoy it!