Saturday, December 23, 2017

Summer Learning Journey - In The Beginning

I am doing the Summer Learning Journey, this is activity one. If you would like to take part in this here is the Link, and here is the website I got the information from.

Activity 1. The First Settlers.

Maui & The Giant Fish

 Fact 1.
From reading this short story I have learnt that Maui will do almost anything to get what he wants and in very interesting ways,  when his brothers wouldn't let him get any bait  he made his own bait out of his own blood.

Fact 2.
Maui was a great fisherman and his ancestor Murirangawhenua had given him a jaw bone that he used as a hook. And Maui was determined to prove to his brothers that he could fish and he honestly knew deep down inside that he needed to accomplish this and prove his brothers utterly wrong. When he did it he didn't get greedy he went and got the village and tell them there was fresh food (unlike his greedy brothers).

Fact 3.
Maui had built anger over the years from his brothers. being mean, laughing at him & in some way Maui got his revenge.

Overall I think that Maui is a very strong personality. In fact I already knew this story so it shows how popular the Maui Myths & Legends stories are.

I hope you enjoyed reading this because I know that I enjoyed doing it

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Aboriginal Art story

The Vigorous Spell

Once upon a time in the deep blue ocean, a turtle was ready to lay her eggs. Away she swam from her home, to lay upon a sandy beach. She quickly scrabbled up the sand and laid her soon to be children. She cast a spell so strong and vigorous so that her eggs could grow and hatch safely. Weeks went by until the most beautiful sunrise arose and her turtles hatched. Away they swam, into the wonderful deep, blue ocean, floating away, full of life.

Here's the photo

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The most magical poem

Hi, this is just a poem that I wrote. I would like some feedback, so please comment and I hope you enjoy reading my poem.

I will put in the Box
A powerful source of a simmering summer haze
A strong, wealthy, loving dog.
The flutter of a butterfly that is like a square jumping out of paper
I will put in the Box
The clouds that were playing.
An elephant too small to see, full of rage.
A net that is bouncy as can be also called a trampoline
I put into the Box
My grandads Army uniform,
An inch of light,

And a lightning strike.
Image result for Lightning strike

I put into the Box
The wonderous mind of moonlight.
The whistling of wind
The overgrown grass that lives on the ground

My box is fashioned from dark grey wood & glass.
The top is a tinted grey blue glass with grey wood on the rims.
The hinges on the box are made out of old and rusted steel.

The bottom of the box is a dark grey wood

I Biked into the box
Through the woods, the bike wheeles hitting the ground,
The rough grounds rubbing against my tyres,
I see my dog zoom past, enjoying his time.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The A&P Show

On the Thursday of last week our whole class went to the A&P Show. So this is what we were basing our work on. I hope you enjoy and learn something & please give me feedback.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Uru Manuka Logos

This week Rimu have been making Uru Manuka logos
(Uru Manuka is the group of schools we are in). I have made four logos. Please give me feedback, comment which one was your favourite.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Learn your online 'Do's and Don'ts

 This week for CyberSmart Rimu have learned about Netiquette. Netiquette is online Etiquette. Netiquette is being nice, responsible, and doing the right things all online. Here is something that I have made after watching a video using video notes.

                                                                                I hope you learnt some do's and don'ts.
Please give me feedback on my do's and don'ts.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spring Poem

Today I decided to write a Poem
Here It is:

Spring is here
Spring is bright

Spring is here like candle light

Spring is warm
Spring is Warm

Windy air (not too windy)
But not too cool

Leaves are here
Leaves are bright

Goodbye snow
Hello Flowers

Ice creams are good
but Cool drinks best

This Is why I like Spring
Spring Is good But Summer is best

Goodbye clouds
Hello sun

Jerseys Off
T - Shirts on

Pool time is almost here
Don't get too excited

Spring is here
You know it's here

Leaves are pretty & so are flowers

The air is nice and warm.

Sunshine is coming,
prepare for the best.

Winter is gone,
Say hello to Spring

- Julia

I hope you liked it. I'm sorry if I have made any mistakes please tell me if I have.

Please comment in the comment section below.