Thursday, August 10, 2017

William Pike

Yesterday william pike came into Rimu. He talked about what happened and how he lost his leg. Last year he spoke alot more to the yr 6,7,8s. He has actually made a book called ‘ everyday’s a good dayAug 10, 2017 2:11:47 PM.jpg

Here is the blurb to the book
On the evening on 25 September2007, two young climbers were caught in laharon the slopes of Mount Ruapehu, after a volcanic explosion.

Now that is only some of the blurb. So what William said is that the mountain exploded with gas. mud and dust went everywhere, he said that it was 600 times of the olympic pools. That’s alot of rock and mud. He was in this hut sort of thing. So his legs got stuck and he was cold. His friend james went and got help. He said if I didn’t die of my injuries he would die if hypothermia. This is also on the back of his book

James uneasily walked through the rubble(mud and rock)to the main door. He turned around and looked at me.

My last words to James were,
‘Tell my mum and dad I love them’.

‘Nah mate, you can tell them that yourself.’he replied

And then James was gone.
I was left sitting in the Dome Shelter,
Seriously cold, crushed and seriously injured,
And now all alone.

I do not want to show the photo of his leg wripped open because it is graphic
But he came to speak to the yr ⅞ for the william pike challenge award.

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